One integration gets you access to the entire market!

We have aggregated the major institutional payment providers like AFEX, Transferwise, OFX, Bank of America, Barclays, under one roof. Now with one single integration you get access to over 10 different international payment rails, while managing only one vendor, Routefusion! It's the product major institutions like Stripe have spent years building, in the palm of your hand.


Compliance Friendly

We are regulator and compliance centric

You submit your KYC and compliance docs once, we manage the rest. No longer do you have send scattered KYC documentation to every international payments provider you want to work with.


All-In-One API

Can you say API?

We have the most comprehensive API in the industry. We take great pride in building industry leading, incumbent busting technology solutions that will help you build the new banking and payment products of the future. Have a look at our documentation and get building!


Wholesale exchange rates

international exchange rates are a thing of the past

Because we have aggregated the international liquidity providers, we give you access to wholesale exchange rates that you wouldnt get otherwise. The possibilities are endless.


Industry Leading Security Standards

World Beating Standards

We take our security at Routefusion extremely serious. We have taken the banking industry security standards, put them in the gym, gave them some protein, and what came out was a leaner, stronger, and better way of handling payment security.

Payment Monitoring

Our algorithms monitor and learn your paying patterns. If anything seems out of place we immediatley intervene, keeping you in the loop the entire time.


Your one stop shop for the only international bank-to-bank payments API you will ever need!

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